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Zombie Tsunami Hack

Zombie Tsunami is an adventure game which takes on the raging monster called Zombie. Freak the city and turn the people living in awful monsters. The game is available on mobile phones running Android and ios system. Imagine that there is an ongoing zombie apocalypse, but instead of playing as a human being, you will play as a zombie. You need to grab and infect as many humans as possible, form a large group of zombies and survive the zombie apocalypse, using special abilities and upgrading your zombies. If this sounds enjoyable to you, than I got just the game for you, which is called Zombie Tsunami. The game has been developed and successfully released by game developer Mobigame, and is very popular among arcade game enthusiasts.

You can either play Zombie Tsunami by connecting with your Facebook account or by using a guest account. If you decide to use your Facebook account, you will be able to play with your friends, earn more coins, exchange civilians and use the cloud sync. You will not have these features when you play with a guest account, but you will not miss out on many things.

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There is only one game mode in which you can play Zombie Tsunami. You start off with one zombie, and you are automatically walking through the city. The goal in Zombie Tsunami is to grab humans and infect them, and form a bigger group of zombies. Of course, there are a lot of obstacles that try to stop you. For example, there are large gaps that you need to jump over, mines that explode when you touch them, attack helicopters and many more. There is no end in the level design of Zombie Tsunami, but the further you progress through it, the more difficult it becomes. You can earn gold coins during the levels, which you can use to purchase items in the in-game store. The amount of gold coins that you earn, depends on how well you have performed during a level.

There are a lot of random missions, which you can complete and earn a lot of gold coins with. The missions range from collecting a certain amount of gold coins during your gameplay, to winning lottery tickets or turning traffic lights green. The mission’s start of being pretty easy to complete, but the more missions you complete, the harder they become.

You will also receive a huge bonus when you have converted a certain amount of humans to zombies. Every human brain that gets converted, will be added to your inventory. After the roster is full, you will receive a large amount of gold coins. You will also be able to see your best run, the largest amount of human brains you have been able to convert in a single gameplay.

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Zombie Tsunami has two different kinds of currencies implemented in it. The first currency is called coins and is easily obtainable by playing the game. Every level has gold coins scattered around, and you can pick them up with your zombies. The second currency is premium and is in the form of diamonds. I have not seen a way to obtain premium diamonds by playing the game, which makes them either very difficult to obtain for free, or simply impossible. You can use both the coins and premium diamonds to purchase items in the in-game store. There are four different categories in the in-game store, where you can spend either your coins or premium diamonds.

In a word, Zombie Tsunami is a thrilling casual game that requires you to do nothing but to control hordes of zombies to run and to eat everyone who stands on their way. Your only objective is to bite as many brains as possible until your last zombie bites the dust. Although your zombies’ marathon of carnage will eventually end when the last zombie dies, there is another goal you have to focus on: collecting as many coins as possible. You need these coins to upgrade your zombies and to make them more powerful against their human victims, who are also becoming more and more powerful as you progress through the game. In-app purchase feature is available if you want to get a generous coins fast.

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To win in game Zombie Tsunami, you’ll need a lot of coins. They are necessary for buying in-game items in one of the four categories available. Zombie Tsunami Cheats Hack is one best and effective tool.

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