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Benefits of Training Emotional Intelligence

Besides Intellectual Intelligence, We Need Emotional Intelligence, many psychologists and experts in human behavior believe that emotional intelligence (Emotional Quotient) has a more important role to achieve success than relying solely on intellectual intelligence (Intelligence Quotient). Emotional intelligence includes many things such as speech, behavior, habits, and many other things, which are fully studied in the field of neuroscience.

Emotional intelligence can be trained and developed in various ways. Such as knowing your own emotions, managing your own emotions, knowing the emotions of others, and social intelligence in building relationships with others.

The following explains how to develop emotional intelligence.

Knowing Your Emotions

You can begin to evaluate nature and your thoughts. Are you the type of person who is angry, brave, cowardly, anxious, indecisive, shy, and so on? You can start by remembering why you feel angry, sad, or happy and what triggers those emotions and what emotions are most dominant in you.

Managing Your Emotions

Once you know your own emotions, you need to try to be able to set goals, then plan to achieve those goals and carry out the plan then you have to manage your emotions while carrying out your goals, managing emotions can affect your behavior positively.

Recognizing Other People’s Emotions

Understanding other people is related to empathy, namely the ability to understand what other people are feeling and why, and to know how your words and actions will be received by those around you. Without empathy, you will never know them and never know why. It’s very difficult to succeed if you don’t understand other people.

Fostering Relationships With Others

Emotional intelligence is also related to the ability to build relationships with other people. One of the keys is to open your heart to accept the strengths and weaknesses of others. Your effectiveness and success in building relationships are closely related to your ability to interact with people to do what you want. In contrast to taking advantage of people, interacting with other people only for your benefit, social interaction is interdependence to work together.

Although many ignore it, emotional intelligence is very important for a person’s life. The good news is that this emotional intelligence can be trained and can be improved.