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Using Creative Means To Educated Children About Christianity

Most of the kids nowadays would look at christianity, or religion in general, as a really boring concept since people only pray and stay quiet, kneel down when the priest says so, or sing songs of praise and love for Jesus Christ, and they never really thought it was something other than those mentioned. Many of us able and comprehending adults would basically know that that’s not all religion or christianity can give to us, but we cannot blame the kids for not thinking the same thing, since they do not understand the whole concept fully yet. And with all of that being said, it is important that kids are taught the right way and parents let them understand fully what their faith is all about, as well as all the values that we associate with the faith that we have. It has always been a difficult job to let your kids understand, especially if they have already developed a sense of opinion among several concepts, but down below are a few guidelines that you can use in order for you to make your children learn more about the religion and their faith in general.

Make the kids help those people in the different shelters

In order for a believer of the Lord to uphold all of the things the religion and their faith teaches them, they have to be able to give a hand to those who are in need and those who are less fortunate than them so that they can extend the hand of the almighty savior to those who need help. Homeless shelters usually need help and need more assistance during those busy times of the whole year, which is why some volunteer to give out their hearts and lend a hand to those who are unfortunate in life. In order for you to have your children embody the values and teachings of the kind of faith that you have, bringing them to these volunteer programs can be a big help, since they will have their own personal experiences and can greatly accumulate as much knowledge and understanding as they can from the experience. But the children have to learn that not only should the people lower than them be helped, but also those they think are more fortunate or luckier than they are, for this is the core value of their faith, to help anyone who needs help, regardless of the position of the person in the society. Some other things that volunteers do for the needy are:

Not only meeting them, but greeting them nicely as well.

Helping prepare the meals for those people who are hungry.

Filling their stomachs by giving them their food and drinks.

Helping out with the cleaning of the plates the hungry have used to eat on.

All those other cleaning duties that need to be done right after the whole program has been finished.

An activity that will need them to make use of christmas scavenger hunt clues to have fun with their other friends and relatives.