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Guide to Selecting the Best Deep Fryer Most restaurant kitchens have one or multiple types of deep fryers. A deep fryer is an important equipment to have in the kitchen if you plan to serve crispy fries or juicy chicken fingers. You can purchase a variety of deep fryers for your restaurant. The models are specially designed for the diverse foodservice industry environments. If you want to buy a deep fryer, here are some things to consider. What Will You Be Serving?
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Go through your menu to determine the kind of foods that have to be deep fried. For a restaurant, you should have an idea of the current and future foods you will be cooking. If you will mainly be cooking foods that are heavily buttered and breaded, the best fryer to go for would a tube-style one. There is a sediment (cold) zone just below the fryer’s burner tubes. At the zone, crumbs and small pieces of food that fall off while you are cooking will be caught.
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If you anticipate to be serving a large variety of food, you will probably need more than one fryer. You can designate specific fryers to be used for seafood and proteins. This is crucial to ensuring the flavor is retained in the foods. Moreover, designating the fryers for specific food cooking can help to avoid issues with allergy. Consider the Amount of Food to Be Cooked The power and size of your fryer should be suitable for the amount of food you will be frying. Choose a fryer that is suitable in size for your needs. If you cook a lot of food in a small-size fryer, it will come out inferior. On the same note, the food will be unevenly fried if it overlaps the oil. The volume of food that can be cooked at any one time will depend on the fryer’s tank capacity. After food has been dipped in the fryer, the time it will take for the oil to heat up to cooking temperature will also depend on the size of the tank. Finally, the recovery time of the fryer is also determine by the size of the tank. A small fryer will struggle to recover when you need to cook food fast at a bust time such as noon. Therefore, you can end up cooking at a lower temperature. This will make the food will turn out greasy because it will have absorbed more oil. Generally, gas fryers heat up quickly to a higher temperature than electric fryers. However, the recovery time of gas fryers is quite longer compared to that of electric fryers. How Much Space Do You Have? An electric counter top deep fryer would be a great option if your kitchen does not have a lot of space. These fryers work well for corporate cafes, delis or establishments with a few fried menu items.