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A Guide to the Components of an Electrical Panel

It is important for you to have an understanding on how the electrical service panel works as before you start doing other electrical works in the house. The electrical service panel allows to break the circuit of the current flowing the parts that you want to work on, so that that you can do it safely. Alternative, the main electrical service box is called a load center.

Power coming from the utility is distributed at load center to the various switches in the home. Again depending on the level consumption of power and power distribution network in the home, there can be need for additional smaller panel.Besides the main electrical service panel, then can be a small electrical panel, just in case the area of power utilization is large. A more conspicuous part of it is the door which when you open, you get access to the circuit breakers for repairs or replacements.

Circuit breakers are many, but there is one big one called the double -pole service connect. As you open the door of the panel, what you will see first are the main circuit breaker owing to its size and conspicuous positioning, which is normally at the top, and sometimes at the bottom or the sides. The sole work of the circuit breaker is to manage power flowing to the rest of the circuit breakers.

The two wires entering the main circuit breaker from the sides, are called hot bus bars. The main circuit breaker has another function of positioning the wires, so that they can supply electricity to the rest of the circuits. Furthermore, there are some two other wires leaving the main circuit breaker which are hot.

Upon leaving the hot wires, the electric current will work through various electric appliances such as light bulbs and outlets. The current will then return to the main circuit breaker through white neutral wires, which proceed to link with big wires, which are also neutral. Further, the two neutral bus bars will extend the connection to the electrical service, thus completing the circuit.

The other interesting part is the main bonding jumper, which connects the neutral ground bus with the main electrical service panel. Moreover, in order to control the effect of stray currents, another connection is made between the neutral wires to a rod at the ground using a copper wire.

Additionally, instead of having the last connection between the neutral wire and the rod in the ground, a separate one can be set up depending on necessity. Here, the ground bus bar connected directly and electrically to the neural bus of the main service panel.

A thorough understanding of the electrical panel will enable you to do your assignment safely.

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