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Sandsational Sparkle Offers You Beautiful Sand Ceremony Vases & Unique Gifts

A sand ceremony is a modern unique way of celebrating the coming together of two individuals or families. What makes the sand ceremony unique is that the couple obtains a unique keepsake which they can display in their home as a romantic reminder of the personal commitment that they made to each other.

The unity sand ceremony is a great alternative to the candle lighting ceremony where the couple pours sand into a central vase to signify a merging together of two individuals into one. Each of the people involved in the ceremony choose a color that has a special meaning to them and to make it more personalized,they try to choose colors that match with the wedding theme.

Sandsational Sparkle have many varieties of colored sand allowing limitless choice and what’s more,their sand is of high quality and doesn’t clump,and it’s affordable.

The sand ceremony usually takes place after the couple has said their usual vows so that it seems like a unique culmination of the wedding ceremony.

There are couples who choose to have their families participate in the ceremony but others prefer to perform the ceremony a little more exclusively-the family are there but they don’t get to pour the sand.

For religious people,the officiant pours the very first layer of sand as a symbol that the couple believes in God,then the bride pours some followed by the groom;finally,the bride and the groom may pour their remaining sand simultaneously as a representation that they truly have now come together as one.

One should be careful when buying the central vase because this will finally end up as a keepsake,and no one would want to have a nondescript glass piece that really means nothing to them.

Decide how much sand you need and this will be determined by the size of the central vessel that will be used at the ceremony.

People who have to travel after the ceremony can stuff some cotton balls into the vase to fill the space between the topmost sand layer and the vase’s lid to keep the contents together;a piece of tape can be used to secure the lid to the container.

If you haven’t bought flowers,decorations and gifts already,you may want to get them from Sandsational Sparkle as they are wedding ceremony supplies specialists who have in their stock offering a wide variety of what you will ever need.

You may want to Google and see the lovely and romantic language used to draw the sand ceremony vows;you may want to read the vows online and try to internalize their deep meaning.

The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the happiest and memorable days of one’s life;celebrate it in a way that is fraught with meaning to make it as unique and special as the two of you are.

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