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Sask Polytech looking at ways to embrace AI technology –

Sask Polytech looking at ways to embrace AI technology –

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs like ChatGPT, educational institutions are looking at how to best use the technology.

Instead of banning the technology to avoid issues like cheating, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has decided to find ways to embrace technology.

The post-secondary institute is viewing AI as an opportunity to have conversations and understand how this technology can be used responsibly.

“I know there’s been lots of conversations, not just in our sector. Should you ban it? Should you do this? Should you do that? Whereas I think we’re viewing it as an opportunity to have some conversations and help people better understand how they can use it in a responsible way,” said Associate Vice-President of Learning and Teaching Mike Gillespie.

Gillespie added that AI technology isn’t new, but it’s also not going away. It is going to evolve and become more refined.

As for students using technology, Gillespie

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