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Why NeoGraft Is the Best Procedure for Hair Loss and Baldness

In this day and age many people can have full hair through cosmetic surgery in Nashville. If you have baldness or hairless issues then this is the procedure you should choose to achieve your desired look. This is a delicate procedure which must be performed by experienced surgeons. You should find a certified plastic surgeon who can perform the procedure with a lot of professionalism.

Why You Should Choose Neograft
It is prudent to talk to your doctor before undergoing such procedure so that you get positive results. The doctor will mostly focus on your affected areas and use hair follicle to fill the bald areas. Find out if the clinics perform corrective hair transplants before you make any deposits because they can be time-consuming and there are not many specialized surgeons in this field. Hiring an experienced surgeon will go a long way since you will not keep making trips to the clinic all the time.

The traditional method of harvesting hair follicles would take a lot of time, and you had to undergo surgery.The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique where they harvest individual hair strip from the donor site. NeoGraft uses controlled pneumatic pressure to slide the hair graft smoothly so that patient will not feel a lot of pain during the procedure. The candidate should be healthy and not suffer from severe baldness.

The cosmetic surgery can offer great results and a well-defined hairline so you will look younger and can still put the hairstyles that you dream of all day. This is the best procedure you want something that will heal fast and show results on time. The doctors will have to see if the implant is working so that they add more implants if necessary. The best part of the procedure is that you will not have to undergo scalpel incision so you will not have scars and stitches all over your head.

The surgeon will, however, need to transplant the hair follicles by hand so that they can cover the right areas and more accurately. You might get some headaches for a couple of days, but the doctor will give you painkillers to relieve them. The clinics might not be performing the procedure but you can contact various clinics in Nashville, and you will find one without problems. The price of the procedure varies according to the amount of hair you want to be removed and transplanted.

The best way to find a clinic near you would through the internet plus you get to see their reviews. There are various clinics which offer free consultations making it easy for you to get more information.
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