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What Is the Difference Between gTLDs and ccTLDs?

 A domain name is your online address that guides your customers to your webpage. However, choosing an NZ domain name is more challenging than it seems. There are a lot of aspects to consider for a perfect domain name. 

It starts with choosing between two types of Top-Level Domains. A Top-level domain is formed by generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs). Let us understand in detail what these two terms mean and their difference.

It is always better to buy a domain name with appropriate domain hosting to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 

Difference between gTLDs and ccTLDs

SR NO Particulars gTLDs ccTLDs
1 Definition A generic top-level domain is a broader concept not restricted to any specific country, allowing global registration. A country code top-level domain targets a specific country or region, often denoted by a two-letter code.
2 Example .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .pro .in (India), .sg (Singapore), .tk (Tokelau), .io
3 Purpose The generic domain name is used for various purposes, including commercial, network, non-profit, and restricted activities. The country code top-level domain is utilized for targeting specific geographic locations or regions. 
4 Registration requirement Registering a generic top-level domain name with the original gTLD is simple and easy. You just need to find a registrar that ICANN approves and follow their rules and fees.

But when it comes to new gTLDs, for instance, .brand or .shop, the process is more complicated. 

You need to apply to create and manage the registry. This process can take a long time, sometimes more than 20 months. Plus, there are fees for applying and several other allied costs with it.

Registration of country code top-level domains is also complex. The requirements may differ from country to country. Every country has a governing body that defines and deals with terms for registration.

Therefore, those businesses that fulfill that legal requirement are permitted to make use of country code top-level domains.

You also need to be updated with updates provided by governing authorities, as they are capable of amending them.

5 Recognised A generic top-level domain name widely recognized and used for diverse purposes. Country code top-level domains are recognized locally and used for targeting specific countries or regions.
6 Recognition & Trust Factor A generic top-level domain name is often perceived as trustworthy and memorable. However, with newer gTLDs, that may not be the case. Country code
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What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builder?

Website Hosting and Website building are two critical aspects of building a website; a website builder is a tool, whereas web hosting is a service provided by the website host.

Both concepts are different and play equally vital if you are planning for the web page. 

Also, most website builders offer offers that are inclusive of the domain and hosting packages, which typically range between  $10 to $50 monthly, so if you are looking for options, then options are great to explore.

In this article, let us explore the difference between web hosting and website building in detail.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is like renting space for your website, but this place is not physical. Instead, it is a virtual space that allows the storage of multimedia content, scripts, CSS files, and HTML on your webpage.

It is a service provided by a web host to increase your website’s effectiveness and secure operation. 

They strive to implement security measures and ensure that data such as texts, photos, and other files are transmitted successfully to the visitors’ browsers. 

Suppose you are desiring the best hosting provider for your website. In that case, it’s essential to explore the diverse features offered by the best hosting providers to ensure compatibility and enhance your overall web hosting experience.

What is a website builder?

Whether an eCommerce website builder or an individual, a website builder works similarly to any software like MS Word or Paint. Similar to this software, it helps you create and edit documents; it also allows you to design and customise web pages without requiring comprehensive coding or web development details.

Website builders have pre-designed layouts provided to help you design your website. If you look closely, most eCommerce websites have identical interface layouts, even if they don’t have the same palate or design.

Such as search bars on the top, a cart option on the side, a menu on either side, the best deals option on the front, and a scroll-down option with a hundred different products that are new arrivals or being sold at a discount with each categorisation, whether its fresh arrivals or any other and this is easily possible due to a website builder.   

Best eCommerce website builders are easy to use, cost-effective, and offer innumerable customisation options. Such as the edit option, which allows you to to change the theme, alter text Read more

Russia Promises to ‘Reverse-Engineer’ Captured Western Technology

Moscow will “reverse-engineer” Western technology its forces have captured in Ukraine, according to Russian state media.

“If there is an opportunity to look inside and see if there is something that can be applied to us, well, why not?” Russian President Vladimir Putin told the state-run Russia-1 channel.

It is not clear which technologies the Kremlin leader referred to in his comments, although he did praise Russia’s T-90M Proryv-3 tank, designed to be a “main competitor” to the US Army’s Abrams M1 tank. Washington pledged 31 Abrams to Ukraine earlier this year, and they are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 27, 2023 in Moscow, Russia. “If there is an opportunity to look inside and see if there is something that can be applied to us, well, why not?” told state-run Russia-1 channel about Western technology captured in Ukraine, state news agency Tass reported on Sunday.
Contributor/Getty Images

Putin described the T-90 as “the best tank in the world, without any exaggeration,” before adding: “But the enemy also produces modern equipment.”

Ukraine has received deliveries of Western-made Leopard 2 tanks, which have made their debut on the battlefield. However, according to Dutch open-source intelligence outlet, Oryx, Ukraine has lost eight Leopard 2A4 and 2A6 tanks so far, but none of these are registered as captured by Russian forces.

Earlier this month, Russian state media reported that Moscow’s authorities had retrieved and were studying a Storm Shadow cruise missile which its air defenses had intercepted in the annexed southern Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia region.

Britain said it was sending an unknown number of the long-range cruise missiles to Kyiv in May, and Russia has since repeatedly said it has intercepted them in Ukraine. The Anglo-French weapon, also known as SCALP, has the longest-range capability known to have arrived in Ukraine courtesy of Kyiv’s Western ally, and France confirmed on Tuesday it would also send Storm Shadows.

In a clip posted to Twitter the day before Paris committed their missiles, a Russian state media commentator said Russia had “problems with long-range weapons” on the frontlines in Ukraine.

Russia’s long-range strike capabilities are “probably the main issue to pay attention to at the moment,” Russian parliament member and former military commander Andrey Gurulyov said on the Russia-1 channel, in a clip posted by Ukrainian Internal Ministry advisor, Anton Gerashchenko.

Russia continues to use Western technology in

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Oppenheimer offers lessons on technology’s ‘unintended consequences’: Full Christopher Nolan

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  • Michigan AG charges 16 people in election interference investigation


  • Judge in classified docs case brushes aside arguments that Trump can’t get ‘fair trial’


  • DeSantis: Trump ‘should have come out more forcefully’ against January 6th


  • DeSantis became Trump’s ‘defense attorney’ in response to criminal probe: Panel


  • Tensions over American soldier held in North Korea ‘could really escalate quickly’


  • Gephardt accuses No Labels of playing presidential spoiler


  • McCarthy defends inviting RFK Jr. to testify: ‘Censoring someone’ isn’t the answer


  • Manchin: ‘It’ll be next year’ before deciding on a presidential run


  • Iowa judge issues temporary injunction blocking the state’s new abortion law


  • McCrory: No Labels will not select presidential candidate until 2024


  • Full Panel: DeSantis has ‘a month to 6 weeks’ to fix the woes campaign


  • DeSantis super PAC focuses on canvassing amid financial troubles


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    Oppenheimer offers lessons on technology’s ‘unintended consequences’: Full Christopher Nolan



    Christopher Nolan warns of AI’s ‘Oppenheimer moment’: It will ‘be in charge of nuclear weapons’


  • Full Panel: FEC report ‘confirmed’ DeSantis campaign donors’ concerns


  • The White House highlights how Tuberville’s military blockade correlates with the GOP as a whole


  • Summer heat wave sends temperatures and economic costs soaring


  • Mon. Sullivan: GOP lawmakers will have a ‘strong impact’ on the next president’s Ukraine decisions


  • Meet the Press Minute: Jimmy Carter calls for depoliticizing the FBI in 1976


  • Full Duckworth: ‘I’m not opposed to court expansion but I’m not certainly there’ to fully support it


On a panel of physicists moderated by Chuck Todd, Christopher Nolan discusses the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer 78 years after he led a group of scientists to gather at the Trinity site to test the first atomic bomb.

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Advancements in prosthetics limb technology allow feeling, control | 60 Minutes

We don’t often think about how the sense of touch makes our lives possible. We grip a paper coffee cup with perfect force to hold it but not crush it. Our feet always find the floor. But for people with artificial limbs, or those with spinal injuries, the loss of touch can put the world beyond their grasp. Seventeen years ago, the Defense Department launched a $100 million projects to revolutionize prosthetic limbs. The robotics you’re about to see is amazing- but as we first reported earlier this year, even more remarkable is how the ‘feeling of feeling’ is returning to people like Brandon Prestwood.

Brandon Prestwood: For me, it was, it’s a battle if I wanted to live or die.

Scott Pelley: You weren’t sure you wanted to live?

Brandon Prestwood: No. I didn’t know if I wanted to or not.

Brandon Prestwood’s battle began with the loss of his left hand. In 2012, he was on a maintenance crew reassembling an industrial conveyor belt when someone turned it on.

Brandon Prestwood: And my arm was dragged in pretty much up to the shoulder. It crushed my bones in my arm and fed my arm through a gap of about one inch.

Scott Pelley: How did they save your life?

Brandon Prestwood: The other maintenance guys jumped in. They started basically takin’ the machine back apart. Once we got it back apart, I could look in and see what was there. And one of the gentlemen was a Vietnam veteran…

Scott Pelley: And the Vietnam veteran knew what to do.

Brandon Prestwood: yeah.

The Vietnam veteran knew tourniquets, but Prestwood lost his hand and couldn’t return to his job.

After four years with a hook, he told his wife, Amy, he wanted to volunteer for experimental research involving surgery at the VA

Amy Prestwood: I wasn’t 100% on board to begin with. But I knew he had his mind set that he was– he had to do this. And I couldn’t hold him back.

Six years later, thanks to the Defense Department and VA Projects, Prestwood controls this hand with nothing but his thoughts.

touch-seq-0322-2. jpg
Brandon Prestwood explores the feeling of touch with a prosthetic hand

60 Minutes

Lab tech: Everything still feels good?

Brandon Prestwood: Probably, when I got her around here…

Electrodes, implanted in muscles in his arm, pick up his brain’s electrical signals for movement. A computer

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