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Oppenheimer offers lessons on technology’s ‘unintended consequences’: Full Christopher Nolan

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  • Michigan AG charges 16 people in election interference investigation


  • Judge in classified docs case brushes aside arguments that Trump can’t get ‘fair trial’


  • DeSantis: Trump ‘should have come out more forcefully’ against January 6th


  • DeSantis became Trump’s ‘defense attorney’ in response to criminal probe: Panel


  • Tensions over American soldier held in North Korea ‘could really escalate quickly’


  • Gephardt accuses No Labels of playing presidential spoiler


  • McCarthy defends inviting RFK Jr. to testify: ‘Censoring someone’ isn’t the answer


  • Manchin: ‘It’ll be next year’ before deciding on a presidential run


  • Iowa judge issues temporary injunction blocking the state’s new abortion law


  • McCrory: No Labels will not select presidential candidate until 2024


  • Full Panel: DeSantis has ‘a month to 6 weeks’ to fix the woes campaign


  • DeSantis super PAC focuses on canvassing amid financial troubles


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    Oppenheimer offers lessons on technology’s ‘unintended consequences’: Full Christopher Nolan



    Christopher Nolan warns of AI’s ‘Oppenheimer moment’: It will ‘be in charge of nuclear weapons’


  • Full Panel: FEC report ‘confirmed’ DeSantis campaign donors’ concerns


  • The White House highlights how Tuberville’s military blockade correlates with the GOP as a whole


  • Summer heat wave sends temperatures and economic costs soaring


  • Mon. Sullivan: GOP lawmakers will have a ‘strong impact’ on the next president’s Ukraine decisions


  • Meet the Press Minute: Jimmy Carter calls for depoliticizing the FBI in 1976


  • Full Duckworth: ‘I’m not opposed to court expansion but I’m not certainly there’ to fully support it


On a panel of physicists moderated by Chuck Todd, Christopher Nolan discusses the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer 78 years after he led a group of scientists to gather at the Trinity site to test the first atomic bomb.

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