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Google is using laser technology to bring a new, cheaper Internet to remote areas

The tech – which uses a stop sign-sized terminal which beams lasers carrying data to a corresponding terminal – will provide high-speed Internet access.

This is not the first time that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has embarked on a mission to bring reliable, cheap Internet to communities in rural and remote areas.

But this time around, the team at the tech giant’s innovation hub X-lab has learned from past failures.

In 2016, the lab sought to broaden Internet access by using stratospheric balloons but that project was ultimately wound down due to high costs.

Now they’ve turned to a new technology for what they call the Taara project: using neatly designed terminals that beam data-carrying lasers to corresponding terminals over fixed distances – essentially fiber-optic Internet without the cables.

According to the head of Taara, Mahesh Krishnaswamy, things are progressing better this time around.

And now telecommunication partners like Bharti Airtel in India are using the machines to build out Internet infrastructure in hard-to-reach locations.

Taara executives and Bharti Airtel say they are now moving toward larger-scale deployment of the new laser Internet technology in India.

Beyond that, Krishnaswamy adds that Taara is helping to link up Internet services in 13 countries so far, including Australia, Kenya and Fiji.

High-speed Internet by laser

At Project Taara’s lab in Mountain View, California, Krishnaswamy and his team of engineers experiment with mirrors of different focal lengths as well as special tables designed to recreate conditions that terminals would be subjected to out in the field, such as shaking from wind, animals or traffic.

Krishnaswamy said he had an epiphany for this new initiative while working on the failed balloon Internet project, called Loon, which used lasers to connect data between balloons.

Krishnaswamy was recently in Osur, an Indian village where he spent his childhood summers, three hours south of Chennai, for the installation of Taara equipment. Osur will be receiving high-speed Internet for the first time this summer, he said.

“There’s hundreds of thousands of these villages across India,” he said. “I can’t wait to see how this technology can come handy to bring all of those people online.”

According to Astro Teller, the CEO of Alphabet’s X-lab, ‘Taara is moving more data every single day than Loon did in its entire history”.

In July 2020, Google committed $10 billion (€9.1 billion) to digitizing India. It invested $700 million (€639

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New Technology Could Bring Hydrogen Into The Mainstream

One of the world’s biggest challenges is slashing emissions before it’s too late. In fact, we’ve only got until 2050 in order to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change. And guess what? Asking people to ditch meat isn’t going to be enough.

Even a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels alone won’t stop the Earth from reaching a point of no return.

Solutions must come from every corner of the world, and cover every major industry and the power and process they use. And they need to come fast.

That’s why the energy transition is a race that can only be won by the most advanced technologies and engineers with unique minds for creative solutions.

Otherwise, we risk getting caught in a loop of perpetual motion with respect to greenhouse gas emissions.

The story of hydrogen has been a cautionary tale to this end.

The “greenest” hydrogen is now produced using electrolysis, a process powered by renewable energy. But it’s still too energy intensive and threatens to displace renewables from the grid, bringing us back to square one.

The dirtier processes use 100% natural gas to produce hydrogen.

North America needs more sustainable solutions–everywhere–and it’s running out of time.

Enter GH Power. It’s a Canadian energy producer that may just have the answer. Its 1-25MW reactors use proprietary exothermic reactions to create three highly valuable green outputs: hydrogen, alumina (aluminum oxide) and exothermic heat that can be used to generate power for the grid. This smaller, modular reactor uses zero hydrocarbons and creates no carbon footprint offering flexible solutions based on the end-user. The reactor requires only a small amount of energy to start-up, and then it produces its green outputs at a cost that is significantly cheaper than existing processes such as electrolysis.

The scaled-up 25MW version of this reactor planned for the future produces the same three green outputs using either pure hydrogen or hydrogen blends of natural gas in a turbine. This blend speaks to the heart of the energy transition that is working toward the development of a turbine that can run on 100% hydrogen. With existing turbine technology, GH Power’s scaled-up 25MW reactor will produce hydrogen, alumina and exothermic heat for a carbon footprint that is 25% lower than a system that is run on pure natural gas.

It’s an exciting time for GH Power and its team

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Zain And Ericsson Bring Mobile Tech To Rural Locations In Nigeria

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