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‘Out of this world’: New technology set to help local seniors

The lead agency is Waypoint Center for Mental Health Care which works collaboratively with partners to support frail older adults and their caregivers

“I’m out of this world, that’s for sure,” said Gloria Howe, describing her virtual reality experience at Barrie’s IOOF Seniors Homes on Tuesday afternoon.

North Simcoe Muskoka (NSM) Specialized Geriatric Services program, in collaboration with the IOOF, held an interactive presentation showing the impact of technology on the care provided to older adults in the region.

NSM hopes to help revolutionize the way older adults connect with their loved ones, ensure their safety and introduce them to immersive nostalgic experiences.

Betty Munro, 93, also an IOOF resident, like Howe, experienced virtual reality on the International Space Station with the Meta Quest 2 headset.

“I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it’s amazing,” she said. “I saw the Earth from above.

“To see something like that at my age is phenomenal,” Munro added. “I saw the space station and the clouds. Just moving slow. It was very relaxing.”

Recreation therapists, as well as residents themselves, tried some of the available technology at the Brooke Street facility to better understand how it can be integrated into their everyday lives.

As part of this initiative, older adults live in long-term care homes and in the community are being provided with devices.

They include Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini, Alexa Show, Apple AirTag, and Meta Quest virtual reality headsets. They could open up a world of possibilities for older adults by enabling video chats with family and friends, providing access to information through voice commands and facilitating entertainment through immersive experiences.

Jenna Davis, a recreational therapist with NSM, works with frail older adults in the community, in long-term care and retirement homes.

Also one client in her 70s who lives in a remote area where she really enjoys going out for walks.

“Now that she’s having increased cognitive impairment, her daughter is more and more concerned about her going out on her own for those walks,” Davis said. “So in order to maintain her autonomy and her independence and continue to go for those walks, because we know walking and physical activity is really good for overall well-being and physical health, but also mental health, we are giving her an Apple AirTag to put on her person.

“We’re going to make sure when she goes out for those walks, that she

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British Columbia touted as world leader in agricultural technology

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A forum of leaders in BC agricultural technology outlines how the province could become a world leader in advanced food production, during a Conversations Live project hosted by Stuart McNish on Tuesday night.

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The panel was brought together to examine changes in food production and how technology is critical to meeting future consumption.

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According to a recent UN report, the world will need 50 per cent more food by 2050 while climate change will decrease global yields by 25 per cent in the same time frame — meaning agricultural technology must advance to help meet demand.

The panel was composed of Peter Dhillon, chair of Ocean Spray and member of the BC Food Security Task Force; Evan Fraser, director of the Arrell Food Institute and professor at the University of Guelph; Karn Manhas, CEO of Terramera, a company that develops plant-based alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers; Philip Steenkamp, ​​president of Royal Roads University; Federica Di Palma, chief scientific officer and vice-president of research and innovation, Genome BC and Bahram Rashti, co-founder and CEO of Fresh Green Farms and UP Vertical Farms.

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“Not too long ago we weren’t talking about this, but food safety has become top of mind in recent times. Food security is national security now,” Dhillon said.

He said BC can become a world leader in agritech if academia, policy makers and farmers work together. The BC Food Security Task Force is advocating for the establishment of an incubation/acceleration strategy for the agritech sector and creating an agritech institute in BC

Examples of agritech include seed genomics, climate-controlled greenhouses, sensor-monitored growing technologies and advanced refrigeration systems.

BC produces over 300 commodities including fruits and vegetables, grains and oilseeds, dairy, livestock, poultry, eggs, fish and other seafood and is the most diverse agricultural province in Canada.

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The province also has 150 companies that are active in the agritech sector, including Fresh Green Farms and UP Vertical Farms. Last week, UP Vertical began operating Canada’s first hands-free vertical farm growing leafy greens at a facility in Pitt Meadows.

Rashti said his company uses 99 per cent less water and land than regular leafy greens growers, uses no pesticides or fungicides and recycles CO2 within the facility.

He said this sort of farming innovation would become a necessity in the years to come.

“We have disrupted the system. We

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Mobile World Reside

Fairphone has announced the next chapter in its mission in path of a more sustainable and, well, truthful various to today’s massive brand smartphones. The Fairphone four comes with 5G connectivity, two 48-MP rear cameras, and a 5-year warranty. Please review our phrases of service to complete your newsletter subscription.


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Apple: Making It Beautiful But Exhausting Since Method Back

The Fold 3’s internal display is 80% stronger in accordance with Samsung and 29% brighter whereas the 6.2” outer display now runs at 120Hz. It has the newest hardware inside, including the Snapdragon 888 CPU. Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content material, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology. The latest Pixel 6 leak tells us how a lot we will expect to pay for the next flagship phones from Google and when we can count on the units to launch. Honor has confirmed the launch date for its Honor 50 phones in the UK and Europe.

  • Increasing mobile expertise use has modified how the trendy household interacts with each other through technology.
  • Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are revolutionizing the online playing world.
  • Loading a bigger display right into a limited telephone dimension can enhance one-handed operability, aesthetics, and a way of technology.
  • With the popularization of 5G internet and ever-better mobile units, the way ahead for gambling looks bright indeed.
  • From smartphones to good cars- iPhones to Tesla, every thing is now powered through expertise.
  • If you have an old phone, an alarm system or an ankle monitor, your tech may cease working properly next yr.

The “kill switch,” a system for remotely disabling smartphones and wiping their data, will turn into commonplace in 2015, according to a pledge backed by many of the mobile world’s main players. Apple’s Internet-based messaging service, iMessage, has long had issues in relation to interacting with non-Apple devices. Now the corporate is finally acknowledging the issues and rolling out a slate of bug fixes to make Apple-to-Android messaging less of a nightmare.

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Overview Of Wireless World wide web Service (WiFi) Providers In Nepal

wireless internet providersWith every little thing in your life already getting wireless, it makes ideal sense to connect your residence to the internet wirelessly too. When you are in range of the Wireless signal, merely connect to the broadcasted network. If you are a subscriber to cable Web providers such as Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable (TWC), Cox, Cablevision and Bright Residence Networks, then the Neatgear N600 C3700 will function.

Lengthy story short, I’ve been enjoying highspeed internet from OmniTEC Wireless since October 7th (I am situated near Donald B. and Diamondview). Purchase the very same occasion I was informed about the higher performances of the ‘Rocket Hub’ with regards to the world wide web, as becoming the item comparable to other world wide web providers who are employing cable or phone lines.

According to the FCC’s most current information, only 15 percent of Americans have access to much more than two Web Service Providers (ISPs). No matter whether you require Wi-Fi for laptops or smartphones, or both, there are lots of wireless Net firms that provide service that can fit your home and office demands.

Some organizations provide to setup a Wireless ISP for you, but that too is for enterprise purposes and demands a large quantity of investment. We are necessary to comprehend the reality that the above pointed out organizations could grow to be successful since there have been leading world wide web service providers which not only produced internet accessible but created web for the market place.

Each cable and DSL technologies need modems, which are typically provided by the relevant internet service providers. High-speed web access is increasingly critical in everyday life, whether it’s essential for college, company or even entertainment.… Read more

First Step World wide web

wireless internet providersMost regions of the U.S. have at least a couple of high-speed web options and far more than most likely a couple of dial-up choices obtainable. Place all of this together with the fact that both my wife’s Pc and mine have built-in wireless capability, we have a good RV wireless house system that makes it possible for us to function anywhere inside or outside of our RV (inside cause), and communicate with the net, as well as print, scan and copy documents with ease.

If you have an problem with any of these solutions and your problem is not addressed in the company’s own stipulated time frames you ought to file a complaint with T.A.T.T. who is the regulatory physique for these providers and this typically hastens the resolution.

Other owners would be good to ask, but they could have a different service that is not available in your location. The expansion of the company into an Web Solutions that carried more than the philosophy of always on” connectivity to the provision of hugely reliable Net connectivity was a logical step forward.

I went to the link above and they have a couple of other unlimited and limited home web offerings, plus an Availability checker. The security of wireless is truly really great utilizing the newest encryption technologies. A couple of cell telephone service providers provide numerous applications to either get your service for at a discount or free of charge.

Airnet is a preferred service provider to organizations that require really reliable and safe Net connectivity for amongst other services secure banking, genuine-time video surveillance, the provision of Virtual Private Networks to Corporate clientele and ecologically friendly wireless networks for numerous purposes and other luxury neighborhood developments.… Read more