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Data Recovery Or Document Missing On HDD or Flashdisk

Many errors that cause data or documents that you save on the flash or HDD lost, some are lost because of a virus, or intentionally or not erased. Especially if the data or documents are very important for your work, of course, you will feel confused and panic if you do not know how to restore the data or documents.

Here I will give you some suggestions that you can use for data recovery or documents, lost due to erased, exposed to a virus, or accidentally formatted. Hopefully how to restore the data or documents that I described here can be easily used for your data recovery or document. Tips that I share here of course not just my own theory because I also have experienced data loss or documents and I have experienced it very often.

Your Data or Document is Missing Due to virus

  1. Click “Start” on your windows menu.
  2. Select and click “Run” on the “Start” menu the fast way by pressing the “windows logo on keyboard + R”.
  3. On the “Run” menu in the “Open” field type “cmd” then click “ok”.
  4. After that, a new tab will appear with the name C: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe you leave the tab.
  5. Open “windows explorer” or you can open your explorer file with the shortcut on your keyboard that is pressing “windows” + letter “e” on your keyboard simultaneously.
  6. See the name of your HDD or flash disk.
  7. If your flash disk or HDD is on “drive G” or on another drive you customize it yourself, then in the C: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe tab you opened, you type “g:” command and press enter.
  8. Then you just have to type the command on the C: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe tab by selecting the drive from “c:” to “g:” on the screen.
  9. then type command ‘ATTRIB *. * -S -H -R / S / D’ then hit enter.

If the way I give above is too complicated or you are afraid of making a mistake I suggest you do not do a test on it without the support of the ability and sufficient understanding, in order to avoid errors in your windows.

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Obviously, we really do not want the data or documents are very important lost because it will be very detrimental to your work. Especially if you do not have a backup for your data or documents, because usually data or important documents are there that should not be duplicated, then you should start considering working with companies that can guarantee the security of your data or important documents owned or owned by the company. As is a professional company that has years of experience in data recovery service field with 100% guarantee that your lost data can be returned. So my conclusion, the security guarantee of your valuable data or documents should be stored well and you can contact the professional data service company to consult about the security of your data or documents.