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What You Should Know About The Piqua Shawnee History and Cultural Identity The Piqua Shawnee tribe is among the various Native American tribes officially recognized by the United States of America, and they presently reside in Alabama. They are among the six divisions of the Shawnee people. The Shawnee tribe has occupied the American Northeast for centuries. Native Americans such as the Cherokee and the Shawnee people have lived in regions like Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky,Indianan and Pennsylvania. The way of life and historical accounts of the Shawnee people are summarized in the remainder of this article. Historical account of the Shawnee tribe Prior to the European settlers setting foot in America, chiefs were the rulers of the Northeast part of America. Tribal groupings that had a big population of warriors were the rulers in the region. The Shawnee people shifted from location to the other in a bid to avoid other marauding Indian American Tribes. The moment White settlers touched down in North America, the Shawnee situation got worse. The white settlers had superior weapon thus used force to grab their land.
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Nonetheless, the Shawnee went into war with the Europeans, and the conflict took lots of years because they did not want to lose. The Shawnee tribe population was significantly cut because of war and the ailments to the white settlers introduced to North America. The European settlers finally used a trust land in Oklahoma to settle the Shawnee tribe. Though, a big number of the tribe members remained in some of the states mentioned. There are very many accounts showing how a number Shawnee tribe members went to far flung areas such as New York just to avoid conflict from both colonialist and warring American Indian tribes.
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Their population before the arrival of European settlers The Shawnee tribe was booming in terms of population growth prior to the arrival of white settlers. Due to wars with the Europeans, the members of the Shawnee tribe were reduced to 3500 according to census data. Presently, there are over 15,000 people who claim to belong to the Shawnee tribe in the US. They Speak primary English The English language is spoken by almost every Shawnee tribe member and this is attributed to the number of years they have co-existed with the Europeans. Very few folks, particularly the older generation know how to speak the Shawnee language. If there aren’t any steps taken to revive the Shawnee language, then there’s likelihood of extinction according to various studies. Shawnee tribe housing As result of being nomads, the Shawnee people made houses in simplistic way. Their dwellings were made from simple materials such as tree bark, hides and thick grass. In additional, their structures were domed-shaped and visually appealing.