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What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting and Website Builder?

Website Hosting and Website building are two critical aspects of building a website; a website builder is a tool, whereas web hosting is a service provided by the website host.

Both concepts are different and play equally vital if you are planning for the web page. 

Also, most website builders offer offers that are inclusive of the domain and hosting packages, which typically range between  $10 to $50 monthly, so if you are looking for options, then options are great to explore.

In this article, let us explore the difference between web hosting and website building in detail.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is like renting space for your website, but this place is not physical. Instead, it is a virtual space that allows the storage of multimedia content, scripts, CSS files, and HTML on your webpage.

It is a service provided by a web host to increase your website’s effectiveness and secure operation. 

They strive to implement security measures and ensure that data such as texts, photos, and other files are transmitted successfully to the visitors’ browsers. 

Suppose you are desiring the best hosting provider for your website. In that case, it’s essential to explore the diverse features offered by the best hosting providers to ensure compatibility and enhance your overall web hosting experience.

What is a website builder?

Whether an eCommerce website builder or an individual, a website builder works similarly to any software like MS Word or Paint. Similar to this software, it helps you create and edit documents; it also allows you to design and customise web pages without requiring comprehensive coding or web development details.

Website builders have pre-designed layouts provided to help you design your website. If you look closely, most eCommerce websites have identical interface layouts, even if they don’t have the same palate or design.

Such as search bars on the top, a cart option on the side, a menu on either side, the best deals option on the front, and a scroll-down option with a hundred different products that are new arrivals or being sold at a discount with each categorisation, whether its fresh arrivals or any other and this is easily possible due to a website builder.   

Best eCommerce website builders are easy to use, cost-effective, and offer innumerable customisation options. Such as the edit option, which allows you to to change the theme, alter text and images, and add specific pages and elements. 

In addition, several best eCommerce website builders offer a wide range of customisation and easy-to-use interface options that help you create a professional and appealing website.

Difference between Web Hosting and Website Builder

Criteria Website Hosting Website Builder
Definition Renting server space to store website data. Utilising a tool for quick website creation with hosting included.
Function Acts as an online folder for website data. Provides a simplified platform for easy website creation without deep technical knowledge.
Content Management Offers flexibility and features for site customisation. Limited flexibility with pre-designed templates for quick website setup.
Platform A blank canvas for creating a website with various tools and platforms. Simplified, intuitive interface with predefined design options.
Ideal User Users with some knowledge or a professional to develop the project. Ideal for beginners or those who need a quick website without technical skills.
Tool/Platform Type Hosting is a platform for creating and managing websites. Website Builder is a specific tool for rapid website development.
Examples cPanel, WordPress, Magento Wix, Weebly, Squarespace
Customisation High level of customisation and control over website design and features. Limited customisation compared to hosting but offers ease of use for non-tech users.
Ease of Use Requires some knowledge or professional assistance. User-friendly with simple and intuitive systems, suitable for beginners.
Hosting Inclusion Hosting service requires separate purchases. Hosting is typically included in the package, reducing the need for additional hosting decisions.
Flexibility Provides more flexibility in terms of design and functionality. Limited flexibility but ensures a quick and straightforward website creation process.
Recommendation Suitable for users with specific design and functionality requirements. It is recommended for those who prioritise simplicity and speed in website creation.



Before landing on a decision between traditional hosting packages and one with a site builder, it is best to evaluate what goals you have with regard to your webpage and make a choice accordingly.